Passionate Advocacy. Life Changing Results

Renfroe Driscoll & Foster, LLP was established to assist others through critical situations so that they are provided opportunities to change the course of their lives. Christopher Renfroe is a seasoned criminal defense attorney with over thirty years of experience and is one of the county’s most sought after attorneys. It is well known that Chris will do anything within the bounds of the law to represent every single one of his clients.

After several decades of successful private practice, Chris sought to expand his practice so that the community could benefit from the the skill and caring he provides to his criminal defense clients, in all areas of the law. His first and only call was to Bill Driscoll, a skilled attorney himself who has long been the address for Queens based politicians, businesses and not-for-profits seeking expert advice, counsel and guidance. Bill brought a world of experience, management skills and contacts to the firm and laid the foundation for its day to day guidance and vision.

Chris and Bill agreed that in order to properly balance the firm’s practice areas, they needed an attorney that not only had expertise on the civil side of the law but who possessed a level of integrity, passion and caring that matched their own. Chris introduced Bill to Patrick Foster and they both agreed that Patrick, with his broad knowledge and experience in civil law, a passion to help the community and a philosophy that integrity is paramount in the practice of law, was the perfect choice. Renfroe, Driscoll and Foster has been guiding its family of clients through critical situations ever since.


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